NET Tourist Solution Software Development Team Lead

NET Tourist Solution - Software Development Team Lead

10/1/2017 - 4/1/2018

Software allows an Operator, manager, accountant to manage and communicate with a group of agents and service providers , and guides to manage and track tours for groups . The software will facilitate communication between operators, managers, guides, agents, and service providers by linking these parties through one trackable system, eliminating manual procedures, and automate business processes.

Web Project with multiple layouts for Agents, Operators, Guides and Administrators
Chat System between agents and operators
Notification System (SMS, Emails and popup notifications)
Dynamic Roles and permissions module
Integration with Hashavshavet Accounting system
Live tracking for Groups on Google Map
Support Group Quotes, Packages and Costing Table for Quote and Groups
Simple Crm system

ASP.Net Web Forms
Entity Framework

NET Tourist Solution